Saturday, July 30, 2005

Color Me Blue

Too often, we Republicans rail against the media for allowing them to define us in terms that range from either unflattering to just plain false. Perhaps one of the biggest peeves I have had started with the 2000 elections and the color the media "selected" for us... the color "red." Red. RED ? RED ?!?!? What the fudge, RED ? Nevermind the fact that that has always been the color associated with leftist causes, Communist groups, the very color we call these kooks, "Reds !" So why on earth have Republicans embraced the very color we associate with the opposition ? Well, this Republican has not. Ever since I've made maps going back to when I was a kid that had to do with politics, it was always BLUE for Republicans, RED for Democrats. Even Democrats I've talked to have never objected to being associated with the color "red." "Blue" is the color of coldness, the color of calmness, the color of rationality, the color of stability, the color of Conservatism. At no time, now or ever, will I even think to call a "Red" state a Bush state (or whomever the Republican is) or "Blue" for a Democrat. I am formally declaring war on the media and urging my Republicans to stand tall and scream loud and proud, "I am a Republican, and you can color me BLUE !"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Getting My Moore On...

I was probably one of the few folks hoping for the blackest of the black horse candidates for the Supremes, that being none other than coup d'etated (is that a word ?) former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. The distinguished jurist who had the brass Baldwins to stand up to the huffing and puffing moonbats and frightened RINOs (for those not knowing, they ain't the cute beasties you see at the zoo) who bloviate on "separation of church and state." Hmm, separation ? Wha dat ? That ain't on my Constitutional bill... maybe it's on the back of it... nope, not there, either. If Roy had been picked, the simultaneous motion of liberals suffering bonafide Fred Sanford "big ones" and collapsing dead to the ground would've been more awesome then a coupla of earthquakes. I guess they won't be coming to join Elizabeth anytime soon... *sigh*

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

Usually I'd associate a title like that with our favorite former Klansman from West Virginny, the right honorable Robert Carlyle Byrd. However, this post is about our President's selection of Judge John Roberts to the US Supremes. I'm not going to go on some long-winded expose of the man and his qualifications (namely because I know almost bubkas about the fella). I will just merely say that I can only hope and pray the man has the pipes to take over from Diana Ross. I don't think he can fit into her heels, but I'll be waiting to hear him take "You Keep Me Hangin' On" to new heights.

One Giant Leap For Coca-Cola

36 years since a shadowy group of actors and crew under the orders of President Nixon/NASA/New World Order assembled on an early morning at the old Desilu Studios lot in Hollywood to begin to perpetuate one of the greatest myths in history, the first manned moon landing... (and if you believe that...). Seriously, two heroes by the name of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on our favorite white orb for the very first time since Walter Cronkite.

The good news is that Armstrong and Aldrin (along with their buddy Michael Collins, who was orbiting the moon) made it back in one piece. The bad news, Cronkite never left, but he did found a relatively successful colony of moonbats. Many moonbats have migrated to earth and have infested innumerable respected institutions like the media, the Democrat party, our educational facilities, and Denny's restaurant chain.

Outwardly, they look human, but the usual giveaway that you may be facing a moonbat is the strong aroma, their unusual speech patterns, the vacant look in their eyes, and the "Che Guevara" t-shirts. Moonbats should be treated with extreme caution, because you never know when they will spread their wings, let out a blood-curdling scream, and spew moonbat guano.

James "Scotty" Doohan Passes (1920-2005)

Just learned of the passing of one of my favorite childhood figures. In addition to his "Star Trek" role as the famed Captain Montgomery Scott, engineer extraordinaire, he was a bonafide war hero, serving as a member of the Royal Canadian Artillery when he participated in the D-Day Invasion (losing his middle finger on his right hand in the process). He had been in exceptionally poor health in recent years and succumbed to pneumonia at the age of 85. Let us raise a toast to this distinguished gentleman, and may he boldly go into the great beyond...

...And away we go...

I had a brainstorm this morning to actually publicly embarrass myself by starting a blog today. In it, I will attempt to publish my thoughts on a given number of subjects from current events to politics to Hollywood and whatever else. You will get a dosage of my wit and wisdom (and/or lack thereof). And as the "Great One" (Jackie Gleason) said, "...and away we go !"